Stop 3 Putting Workshop

Would you like to stop 3 Putting!!

Putting accounts for approximately 43% of your total score. If you want to lower your score, you need to lower this %! The quickest way to achieve this is to eliminate taking three putts on a green (or more!) Yes – we all want to hole that first putt but learn to control your speed on the greens and you’ll see your scores drop. So join a Stop 3 Putting Workshop!


Who are these workshops suitable for?

Golfer’s that 3 putt on a regular basis! and wish to lower scores, obtain & reduce handicaps, achieve goals & enjoy their golf!

What do I need to bring?

A putter and the golf balls you would usually play a round of golf with. As the sessions are held outside please bring warm/wet weather clothing if it’s inclement. Absolutely fine to wear jeans, T-shirts without collar’s is also OK! – we are really relaxed! (Golf balls can be provided)

Do I need golf shoes?

No – although a pair of trainers is fine, to help create consistency we recommend wearing the shoes you would play golf in.

Anything else I need to bring?

An open mind & willingness to try new ideas. A sense of humour!  The sessions are informative, lighthearted, relaxed & fun!

What will I learn?
  • Aim
  • Consistency – why center contact is vital!
  • Pace & speed – determines line – rhythm
  • Technique – more than one way to do it!
  • Build a Routine & stick to it! – regardless of the importance of the putt!
  • The Attention Spotlight & Focus
  • Eye & Head movement
  • Reading greens starts from the fairway
  • How to practice putting with purpose
  • We will use & practice with some neat gadgets & putting aids from Visio Putting

What if it’s raining?

We aim to run in all weather conditions so bring wet weather clothing. Any threat of thunder/lightning and the session will be cancelled & re-arranged.

How long is each workshop?

1 Hour

How many golfer’s are in a workshop?

Minimum of 2 / Maximum of 6

What are the days, dates & times workshops are held?

Wednesday 1st May @ 6.30pm
Wednesday 29th May @ 6.30pm
Wednesday 26th June @ 6.30pm
Wednesday 24th July @ 6.30pm
Wednesday 21st August @ 6.30pm

How much does it cost to join a workshop?

£25 per person

Do I need to book in advance or can I just turn up?

Booking in advance is required

How to I sign up or ask any further questions?

Please contact Rupert by sending an email to