As we have come to the end of 1/2 term we wanted to write to thank you,

You have delivered such fantastic lessons. All students have been engaged all of the time and have really been stretched and challenged. Not only have they developed new golf skills that they are extremely proud of,
through visits to Holtye students have learnt about Geography, gained a new understanding of meteorology and weather, developed their English and verbal communication skills, used mathematics and application number in practical ways. For science they have learnt more about basic physics, plants and the environment.

The students have developed communication skills, learnt more about managing money, friendships and conflicts, road safety and the country code, how to behave towards others, turn taking, teamwork and trust, how to speak for themselves in the world. These areas of learning contribute towards PSHE, Citizenship, Community and RE. The students have learnt about the different jobs in the golf sector and hospitality sector covering learning outcomes for work related learning.

Today when the students made the mini golf course, they were actually learning that they could make a model of something that represents something larger, representing landscapes is an art learning outcome. They have also developed the coordination necessary to strike a ball.

A PE outcome.

On top of all of that the students have also had the opportunity to have really nice interactions with a number of members of the club. All whilst having a lot of fun. Hopefully this highlights to you, you have not just taught them golf.

You have delivered so much more; The students have made excellent levels of progress achieving beyond what was expected at the beginning half term.  A fantastic positive outcome.

Thank you and the club for allowing the students the opportunity. Long may it continue. Keep doing what you are doing next half term and get out there and sell this fantastic opportunity to other schools like ours.

Kind Regards,

Ivor Lewis
Grove Park School, Crowborough, East Sussex