Sand School – Get out the greenside bunker first time!

Would you like to get out of the greenside bunker first time?

Greenside bunker shots can strike fear into the heart of many golfers. Failing to get out first time can be a real “card wrecker” and potentially ruin a great round of golf. However, with a good understanding of the technique required to get the ball out on your first attempt, a little practice combined with a boost of confidence you’ll be looking forward to bunker shots rather than dreading them! So to become a master from the sand join a Sand School – Get out the greenside bunker first time!


Who are these classes suitable for?

Golfer’s struggling to get out of a greenside bunker on their first attempt (or second time, or third or more……..!)

What do I need to bring?

All of the wedges you regularly play with and carry in your golf bag

Do I need golf shoes?

No – although a pair of trainers is fine, to help create consistency we recommend wearing the shoes you would play golf in

Anything else I need to bring?

An open mind & willingness to try new ideas. A sense of humour!  The sessions are informative, lighthearted, relaxed & fun!

What will I learn?
  • The Rules & Etiquette of bunkers – what you should & shouldn’t do
  • History & evolution of the Sand Wedge and why it’s different to all your other irons & wedges
  • Understanding “Bounce” and how to use it
  • How the technique has changed – there is a simpler way to do things!
  • Why your starting/ address position is key to success
  • Where to look & where to make contact
  • Why the sand is your “friend”
  • Why clubhead speed & the follow through is important
  • When not to use the Sandwedge or aim at the flag
  • How to practice

What if it’s raining?

We aim to run in all weather conditions so bring wet weather clothing. Any threat of thunder/lightning and the session will be cancelled & re-arranged

How long is each class?

1 Hour

How many golfer’s are in a class?

Minimum of 2 / Maximum of 6

What are the days, dates & times I can attend?

Wednesday 15th May @ 6.30pm
Wednesday 12th June @ 6.30pm
Wednesday 10th July @ 6.30pm
Wednesday 7th August @ 6.30pm

Where are the sessions held?

At the short game area & practice bunker at Holtye Golf Club

How much does it cost to join a Sand School – Get out the greenside bunker first time!

£25 per person

Do I need to book in advance or can I just turn up?

Booking in advance is required

How to I sign up, join a waiting list or ask any further questions?

Please contact Rupert by sending an email to